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Coding vulnerabilities

Using Python to Find Firebase Storage Security Misconfigurations in Hardcoded Repositories

Most applications need a database to store backend data, and Google Firebase is a great choice for serverless data management. It’s a cloud-based database hosted in Google Cloud, and it’s simple to connect from your mobile app code. Its use cases span from chat applications to easier ways to send…

excel spreadsheet formulas

CSV Injection Tutorial for Beginner Developers (with examples)

It’s common in coding to work with CSV (Comma Separated Values) files to transfer data between platforms or allow users to download files that can then be used in their favorite application. CSV files are just text files where each value in a record is separated by a comma. As…

secure session

Session Hijacking Tutorial for Beginner Developers

As a programmer, you will often work with user sessions. A user session is a randomly generated alphanumeric value that identifies the user on the server. In most applications, the user session is stored in a cookie for reuse as the user makes calls back to the server in the…